Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware

Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware, elegant pattern, simple fashion, underglaze color, carrying food more healthy. A leisurely mood, a comfortable life, inadvertently spreading~ The high-foot bowl bottom design, heat insulation, anti-scalding, and the vertical striped road shape give people a bright feeling. The deliciousness of three meals a day is defined by you, easy to handle. The lattice pattern has clear layers, the three-dimensional beauty does not fade, and it will not react with food. It is healthy and environmentally friendly and can use with confidence. Pasta, sushi, pancakes, fruits, etc. It can be in full bloom to meet your various needs.

9 pieces of creative ceramic bowls and plates

Orange pony series tableware, a variety of utensils to meet the needs of the whole family. The plates are suitable for serving steaks and soup dishes. Different types of ware can use together to meet the daily demands of life.
Using underglaze technology, it is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, does not fade, does not react with food, is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence.
High-temperature firing ceramics can be heated as you like, can be used for microwave ovens or ovens, heating is convenient and more practical, and you can enjoy food quickly. It can clean with one rinse and one wipe.

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