Checkered Bohemian tableware set

Checkered Bohemian tableware, the pattern adopts printing and printing technology, underglaze color technology, diverse shapes, and non-fading. An exquisite life starts with fine tableware.
Porcelain fired at high temperature, environmentally friendly finished product, does not contain toxic substances, and can be used with confidence. The model is simple and the touch is superior.
The bottom is non-slip and not glazed, and it is polished and polished to make the tabletop not easy to scratch.

Pure white household porcelain creative embossed pattern dinnerware set

Pure white daily-use porcelain creative relief pattern tableware set, fired at high temperature, the glazed surface is smooth, white as jade, healthy and non-toxic. Suitable for Chinese and Western restaurants, family kitchens, restaurants, school canteens, etc.
Improved plate shape, atmospheric texture smooth surface effect, convenient to display a variety of food. The pure white color, transparent and flawless, without too much complicated modification, has become its biggest selling point.

New pure white ceramic dinnerware home set

High-quality ceramic materials are selected, and after high-temperature secondary calcination, the visible texture is unique, classic, and luxurious. Authentic materials, safe and healthy, extraordinary quality.
Traditional porcelain making process, meticulous and transparent porcelain, suitable for microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, etc. Simple shape, classic white, the essence of life is the return of taste and texture.
Every detail of the tableware is carefully made, and the unique design makes the three meals a day an artistic enjoyment, and life becomes not easy. Simple design, fine porcelain plate, white porcelain surface, smooth and translucent.

Gold rimmed pattern white porcelain dinnerware 24 piece sets

White porcelain gold-rimmed dinner sets, preferably kaolin, high-temperature firing porcelain is thick. Traditional circular design, printing process, glaze creative labyrinth texture, smooth surface and easy to clean, suitable for placing a variety of dishes, fruits, etc. The bottom is high, the heat insulation is good, and the smooth and smooth workmanship is excellent. The high-edge fruit plate is better for holding pasta and salads. Live life more romantic than poetry, and heal your mood with warmth.

White square plate set ceramic gold plates wholesale

The white ceramic gold square plate is heavy, generous and elegant. It is suitable for all kinds of western dishes, for personal use, hospitality, restaurants and other occasions. It is very good.
Made of high-temperature ceramic material, the texture is moist, thick and durable. The surface is smooth and comfortable, and the edges are smooth. There are different sizes and shapes to choose from, which are very versatile for Western dishes such as steaks and desserts.

best ceramic dinner plates wholesale

Blackline ceramic tableware, elegant and simple European style, gorgeous but not ostentatious. Luxury tableware brands ceramic tableware fired at high temperature, the flower table integrate into the porcelain body, and the color will not fade.
Smooth and transparent lead-free cadmium glaze, no oil stains, easy to clean. The bottom of the bowl raises, the grip feels comfortable and puts you hot, and the easy-to-handle makes it more beautiful.
Soup bowls, noodle bowls, deep dishes, fish dishes, shallow dishes, and other series of tableware, a complete set to meet the needs of the table. Delicious and practical, the dinnerware not only warms a stomach but also warms the whole home.

Hot pink dinnerware sets cartoon horse porcelain bowls wholesale

The pink dinnerware sets cartoon style, the strong colors light up the dining table and bring the joy of dining to you with a childlike innocence. Hot pink ceramic dinner plates underglaze craftsmanship, healthy, safe and non-toxic.
Hot pink dinnerware sets have thick porcelain, so you can use them with confidence.
Contemporary dinner plates Mori series and lovely tableware, retain every sweet delicacy. The high value of hot pink ceramic dinner plates enhances the table style, and there are fairy-tale moments in ordinary life.

Parrot dishes tableware underglaze ceramic tableware relief bowl set

Creative parrot bowl and dish tableware, underglaze ceramic tableware, relief bowl and plate set, made of high-quality and delicate ceramic raw materials and fired at high temperature for many times.
Pure hand painted underglaze color technology, by experienced old craftsmen, hand color the picture, make each product pattern is different, classic and chic, the sense of quality.

Red stoneware dinner set red ceramic cookware red pottery dishes

Red stoneware dinner set Chinese red series tableware, delicate painting, with artistic characteristics and beauty. The red pottery dishes are warm and crystal clear and feel comfortable.
The glazed surface of red ceramic dinner plates is strong and wear-resistant and is fired at high temperatures without lead and cadmium. The red ceramic cookware underglaze color craftsmanship, the glaze color is soft, the auspicious leaping dragon will appear in life and be with you.
The porcelain baking tray has various sizes and various choices to meet daily needs. For the consideration of anti-slip, the raised part of the red ceramic cookware has not been glazed, and it has been polished and smooth, which is safe and practical.

Bowl and plate combination bone china tableware set

The bone china tableware set, ancient Greek golden texture, elegant atmosphere, can control various modern. The porcelain soup bowl can be stored neatly, keeping the table tidy and orderly, convenient and practical.
The custom ceramic dinner plates can hold Western steaks and Chinese dishes. It is not only tableware, but also works of art. It decorates the table and kitchen, and looks beautiful.
The custom ceramic dinner phnom Penh texture, permeated with a touch of warmth, makes life a little more tasteful, in line with the contemporary fashionable and simple home style.

Green gold trimmed ceramic dinnerware set

Green ceramic dinner plates, simple European style, practical comfort, the collision combination of light luxury gold rim and calm emerald, elegant atmosphere is not only suitable for daily dining, but also suitable for home decoration and use, and it is an attitude that respects the quality of life. This emerald and gold-edged tableware set made of environmentally friendly and healthy porcelain clay at high temperatures are durable and easy to clean. The bottom is not glazed to prevent sliding and place it more securely.

Phnom Penh Ceramic Dumpling Plates white affordable plates

The Nordic light luxury Phnom Penh plate white dumpling plate has a sauce plate, which is very suitable for dumplings, sushi, etc. You can prepare your favorite sauce according to your taste.
Affordable plates can also be used as snack trays to hold french fries or to serve the steak, barbecue pasta, etc., easily handle a variety of delicacies, and carry a full range of delicacies to meet the daily needs of life.
The shell style is matched with gold on the edge, which is elegant and soft, giving people light and luxurious beauty, which is pleasing to the eye. Enjoy life, start with tableware and better tableware can double the taste of space.

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