Black Small Soy Sauce Dish Ceramic

Black Small Soy Sauce Dish Ceramic
the ceramic material is food safe and dishwasher safe
with bamboo base to hold the 3 small bowls

Fruit series baking dish ceramic vegetable dish with handle

Net red plate home oven baked rice plate Nordic tableware breakfast plate creative baking plate ceramic vegetable plate with handle
Suitable for: microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator.

Ice cracked round fruit food plate dessert plate ceramic tableware set

Dinnerware Type:Dishes & Plates
Pattern Type:Simple
Plate Type:Plate Dish
Commercial Buyer:Restaurants
Design Style:Morden Luxury
Ceramic Type:Porcelain
Feature:Sustainable, Stocked
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Product Name:Ceramic Dinner Food Plate

Nordic minimalist ceramic tray rectangular plate

High temperature firing strength: firing at a high temperature above 1300 ℃, the porcelain has good strength, and there is no need to worry about cracking when holding hot things.

Stone dinnerware ceramic plate Western food fruit plate

Choose high quality porcelain clay, high temperature firing, pure glaze, white after washing, make the taste more delicious. Ceramic products will inevitably have minor defects. We will only ship after careful inspection.
Small black spots / bubbles / pores and uneven glaze color are all national first-class certification standards, which are normal phenomena, which do not affect the use and do not contain substances harmful to human body.

White square plate set ceramic gold plates wholesale

The white ceramic gold square plate is heavy, generous and elegant. It is suitable for all kinds of western dishes, for personal use, hospitality, restaurants and other occasions. It is very good.
Made of high-temperature ceramic material, the texture is moist, thick and durable. The surface is smooth and comfortable, and the edges are smooth. There are different sizes and shapes to choose from, which are very versatile for Western dishes such as steaks and desserts.

Gold trim white ceramic dinner plates

Bone china and gold-painted ceramic home dining plate series, high-temperature porcelain, the glaze does not fade. The splendid golden rim embellishment reveals a light and luxurious style, adding an elegant artistic color.
Warm and moist glaze, smooth hand feeling, not easy to be stained with oil, easy to clean. The bottom ring is not glazed, with anti-slip function, stable placement. Exquisite and chic, simple and light luxury, fresh and elegant, delicious food, beautiful mood.
Square plates, round plates, rectangular plates, small plates and other types of utensils can be arbitrarily matched with a variety of dishes, easy to control and can be used in many different scenes.

White ceramic dinner plate sets on sale wholesale

The simple golden edge is inlaid on the white porcelain tire, which is more elegant and more luxurious, and the fashion is simple and more durable. The color is bright and not easy to fade, and it is exquisitely handcrafted to form Western-style tableware with European style, which increases the overall luxury temperament. In addition to serving as a container for carrying food, tableware is more about conveying a kind of life aesthetics.

Phnom Penh ceramic plate dessert cake plate steak plate

European simple and creative Phnom Penh ceramic Western food plate dessert cake plate steak plate breakfast plate household dish plate. It is made of high-quality porcelain mud and fired at high temperature. It is hand painted with gold edge. It is not suitable for disinfection cabinet, microwave oven and dishwasher.

Household embossed ceramic square plate

The white porcelain clay is fired at high temperature, the material is tight and hard, and it is not easy to break. Safe material, pure white and bright glaze, pure and pure color highlights the beauty of dishes.
Simple and versatile, widely used, a tableware that restaurants and hotels will choose. Baked rice, cheese rice, pasta, all kinds of afternoon tea delicacies can be used. It has a wide range of uses and meets a variety of cooking requirements.
Tableware is not only the carrier of delicious food, but also the decoration of home life, which can sublimate dining to another level of crafts. Simple yet luxurious, exquisite beauty enhances the quality of dining.

Pure color ceramic irregular sauce plates

Pure color ceramic irregular sauce dish series, the underglaze craftsmanship is soft and bright in color, non-toxic and harmless, safe and environmentally friendly. Different types, colorful, cute and fresh contours make the food more delicious.
The deep dessert bowl is suitable for holding desserts, ice cream, salad, etc. However, the shallow dish is matched with a variety of snacks and sauces, which are beautiful and practical.
A nutritious breakfast is rich and varied, with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It not only carries the warmth and memory of life, but also the warmth of home decoration.

Multifunctional nut plate ceramic snack plate

The new design of high-quality multi-functional nut plate ceramic snack plate, using fine mud, through a series of production links to complete the boutique. Sustainable and well stocked.

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