Gold rimmed pattern white porcelain dinnerware 24 piece sets

White porcelain gold-rimmed dinner sets, preferably kaolin, high-temperature firing porcelain is thick. Traditional circular design, printing process, glaze creative labyrinth texture, smooth surface and easy to clean, suitable for placing a variety of dishes, fruits, etc. The bottom is high, the heat insulation is good, and the smooth and smooth workmanship is excellent. The high-edge fruit plate is better for holding pasta and salads. Live life more romantic than poetry, and heal your mood with warmth.

White Phnom Penh simple white ceramic serveware

European white Phnom Penh series tableware, hand painted gold, smooth glaze, large capacity tableware set. Electroplated Phnom Penh is not suitable for oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and detoxification cabinet

Yellow and white dinnerware sets

Porcelain is warm and delicate, easy to clean, no matter how oily it is, it can be cleaned. Kameng elements, full of fun. Healthy colorful glaze craftsmanship creates a sense of fashionable color, and it collides with wonderful food, fresh and beautiful.
If you want to live a somewhat interesting life, you need the blessing of beautiful things, and add a little kameng elements to the table, so that the food is tasteful enough.
The unique shape design satisfies a variety of uses, feels comfortable, and is convenient to handle, so it can be used with confidence.

Special lace dinnerware set

The design and modeling of three-dimensional chrysanthemum, kiln glaze technology and unique design style. High temperature firing, both hot and cold, suitable for microwave oven.

best ceramic dinner plates wholesale

Blackline ceramic tableware, elegant and simple European style, gorgeous but not ostentatious. Luxury tableware brands ceramic tableware fired at high temperature, the flower table integrate into the porcelain body, and the color will not fade.
Smooth and transparent lead-free cadmium glaze, no oil stains, easy to clean. The bottom of the bowl raises, the grip feels comfortable and puts you hot, and the easy-to-handle makes it more beautiful.
Soup bowls, noodle bowls, deep dishes, fish dishes, shallow dishes, and other series of tableware, a complete set to meet the needs of the table. Delicious and practical, the dinnerware not only warms a stomach but also warms the whole home.

Best children's ceramic dinner sets

Ingenious hand-painted, underglaze color technology, the paint layer does not contain harmful substances and colors, the baby can also use it with confidence. The anti-scald handle fits the curve of your fingers for a comfortable grip.
The porcelain body is fired at high temperature, the porcelain is thick, the glaze is smooth, and it is easy to clean. One plate is multi-purpose, can be used for baking, can also be used as a vegetable plate, salad bowl.
The low-key and simple hand-painted strokes are combined with dinosaur prints for added artistic flair. A variety of styles are available, and they can be matched according to different needs.

Cute bear cartoon ceramic dinnerware sets ceramic wholesale

Cute cartoon bear ceramic tableware set, hand-painted in bright colors and diverse shapes. High temperature firing, safe, healthy and easy to clean.

The most valuable Korean ceramic dinnerware

Korean tableware set, bowl and plate, household ceramic, Korean bowl, lovely girl heart creative plate, six selling points of the product:
1. Hand color
2. Safety and health
3. Various types of utensils
4. Suitable for microwave oven
5. Easy to clean
6. Quality assurance

Cartoon childrens ceramic dinner set everyday dinnerware

​Cartoon ceramic children's dinnerware, fun cute little dinosaur pattern, using high-quality ceramic materials, health, environmental protection, and practicality are more assured, beautiful, and practical.
Cartoon children's ceramic dinner set, refreshing plant elements are more lovely, there are a variety of styles to choose from, any combination. Everyday dinnerware is a healthy and safe underglaze craft, which can be in direct contact with food. The color is bright and does not fade and let you use it, the more you love it.

Hot pink dinnerware sets cartoon horse porcelain bowls wholesale

The pink dinnerware sets cartoon style, the strong colors light up the dining table and bring the joy of dining to you with a childlike innocence. Hot pink ceramic dinner plates underglaze craftsmanship, healthy, safe and non-toxic.
Hot pink dinnerware sets have thick porcelain, so you can use them with confidence.
Contemporary dinner plates Mori series and lovely tableware, retain every sweet delicacy. The high value of hot pink ceramic dinner plates enhances the table style, and there are fairy-tale moments in ordinary life.

Red ceramic dinnerware cookware sets soup bowls

The red ceramic dinnerware has fresh flower patterns, agile and natural, and the presentation is also beautiful, exuding elegant charm, giving the table vitality and vitality.
Red ceramic cookware sets a variety of utensils, free combination, and collocation, all available to meet your daily needs. The red ceramic bowl has a high bottom design, anti-scalding, and heat insulation, suitable for noodle bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, etc.
The red ceramic soup bowls have a large capacity to meet the needs of large families. Red ceramic dinnerware color printing technology, bright colors, not easy to fade, hand-painted strokes, the overall color is unified and harmonious.
The healthy glaze craftsmanship of red dinner plates can direct contact with food to ensure your peace of mind experience.

Creative marble tableware china dishware german dinnerware

Creative marble tableware to meet the new needs of table culture, western lunches such as pasta, pasta and steak. The quality of life comes from the taste of details. Porcelain is made by high temperature firing and multi-process.
The glaze is smooth and beautiful, easy to clean and durable. The bottom is carefully sanded and has a non-slip effect.

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