Stainless steel handheld cold water pot

Stainless steel handheld cold water pot is made of stainless steel, with a single-layer wall, no peculiar smell, and corrosion resistance. The outer layer of the kettle body is mirror-polished, and the inner surface is frosted. The single edge of the lid fits the curvature of the spout, which is easy to clean, concise and hygienic. The inclined upward spout design makes it easy to pour water. The spout is raised at a little angle, and the center of gravity of the water is vertically downward so that it is not easy to splash. The humanized handle design conforms to the principles of mechanics. The spout and the body are tightly welded to fit and leak-proof. The spout filter is designed to prevent the tea leaves from flowing out, allowing you to enjoy your leisure tea time.

Old-fashioned stainless steel thermos bottle

Old-fashioned stainless steel thermos bottle, nostalgic thermos bottle is suitable for homes, offices, tea houses, and other places. It can be used as decoration and can also be used to hold water for heat preservation. An aluminum shell, high borosilicate glass liner, can keep the heat for a long time. Retro mood patterns restore the warmth of childhood. The old-fashioned traditional aluminum cover is used to restore the retro feeling. Say goodbye to traditional wooden plugs screw plugs are reinforced and protected to prevent water leakage. Upgrade the riveted handle, don't shake or tie your hands.

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