Simple round glass cold kettle cup set

The exquisite craftsmanship makes the cup delicate and beautiful, which relieves the charm of quality life. The thickened bottom design enhances the hardness, wear resistance, and impact resistance.
The design of the dust-proof ball bottle stopper is novel and unique, which is more high-grade, suitable for beauty, and can prevent dust from falling into the bottle. With a small body and large capacity, it does not take up space.
It can hold juice, milk, coffee, tea, etc., to meet daily drinking water needs. A set of high-value glass waterways, with its own rich and elegant colors, creates a touch of beautiful and elegant texture, simple and full of style, and even more classy.

Nordic juice jug glass heat-resistant glass cup set

High-temperature resistant glass water cup set, elegant and calm water cup and kettle, fashionable and versatile, crystal clear color, easy to clean. V-shaped spout design, smooth water outflow, smooth water break, and easy retractable.
The design and workmanship are outstanding, elegant, and magnificent, suitable for petty bourgeoisie life, and can use for juice, milk, tea, etc. One pot, four cups, and one tray.
The tray makes of food-grade stainless steel, which is heat-proof and scald-proof, with good texture and high hardness. Anti-slip sleeves are added to the corners to ensure that the glass water cup will not slip off.

Geometric diamond glass cups

Geometric diamond glass mugs, full of artistic sense. Healthy lead-free glass, transparent texture, safe to use with healthy materials. Noble, light and luxurious style, suitable for a variety of home styles, beautiful and practical.
The large handle makes it easy to handle, not hot, and the cup body is thicker and stronger. The mouth of the cup is round and the lip feels delicate, giving you a better drinking experience.
A variety of different cup and saucer styles are matched to show the delicate taste, and it is more worry-free for self-drinking or hospitality. The large cup mouth design can be inserted into the cup and cleaned.

literary glass tea cups set glass online cold tea pot

The underwater animal literary glass tea cups set glass short-mouthed pot can meet daily needs. It is better for drinking juice and tea. A simple and comfortable life starts here.
The transparent tea cup set is heat-resistant and non-breakable, and can withstand temperatures from -20 to 150 degrees. Glass tea cups online are made of high borosilicate glass, hand-applied with patterns, and not easy to fade.
Accompanied by tea, it is the care of one's health. The glass tea cups online are suitable for electric ceramic stoves and can be heated with an open flame, not for induction stoves.

Japanese style heat-resistant glass teacup set

The glass teacups set is made of high borosilicate glass material, carefully crafted, heat-resistant and anti-cracking, simple and elegant in shape, crystal clear, suitable for various scenarios to meet daily needs.
Pretty tea cup and saucer, the tall pot-shaped eagle mouth is designed to make the water flow smoothly without dripping, and the hook-type filter of the short pot can be detached to effectively filter excess residues.
The complete set of the same series is more ornamental. It is suitable for breakfast, afternoon tea, and daily home use. It is fresh and versatile, simple and fashionable, adding a sense of ritual to life.

Glass diamond cut surface jug cup set

Glass diamond-cut surface jug cup set, high borosilicate glass, can be heated by an electric ceramic stove, resistant to high and low-temperature differences. The large-caliber design makes it easy to clean inside and outside the pot. Intimate handle, easy to pour water. Strong load-bearing, durable and high-grade. The olecranon spout is designed to be splash-proof and will not spill when poured. Double outlet design, smallmouth can easily filter tea, scented tea, etc., the big mouth can discharge water smoothly, and can pour fruit pulp. In the plating process, the color does not fall off. Handle storage tray, comfortable grip, and good texture. One pot and four cups with iron tray, suitable for living room, dining room, hotel, etc.

Borosilicate glass kettle teacup with tray set

Galaxy flower teapot set, refreshing and healing, nourishing health and kindness. The spout breaks water smoothly and pours water easily. There is a filter hole design inside, which effectively blocks tea leaves and tea dregs so that only the fragrance of tea leaves is in the mouth. High borosilicate glass material, heat-resistant and explosion-proof, safe and secure, can satisfy daily cold and hot drinks. Lovely shape, dustproof and dustproof, handle design, easy to open the lid, pour water to prevent falling. The wide handle design is easy to handle and prevents hot hurt. The round tray fits just one pot and four cups for easy storage. Restore the cleanliness of the desktop and enjoy the sweet drinking time. Whether afternoon tea or entertaining guests, this tea set can help you create a fun time.

Amber round glass water set

Amber round glass water set, elegant amber gradient light, and shadow, from light to dark gradient, more luster. The straight water bottle is smooth and easy to hold. It can be used for juice, milk, coffee, tea, etc. The spout is lightly opening, and it is not easy to spill water when pouring and keep the tabletop clean. The novel spherical log bottle stopper prevents dust from falling into it. A large-capacity design, whether it is used as a cool kettle in summer or a pot of hot tea in winter that can easily meet the drinking needs of a family.

Gray diamond-shaped glass water set

Gray diamond-shaped glass water set, one set meets daily needs. The large-capacity kettle body is not only suitable for daily household use but also suitable for restaurants, hotels, and other places. The wooden ball lid, with a novel design, shows a sense of grade and design and can prevent dust from falling into the bottle. Large spout design, the 360-degree arc is just right, the water flow is smooth and natural, and the water breaks smoothly and retracts freely. One jug is multi-purpose, it can be used as a cool jug, juice pot, or as a table decoration. It is simple and stylish. The high light transmission glass material enhances the mood of your life.

Amber gradient color silicone glass water set

The gradient blue gold water set is simple, fresh and crystal clear, making the drink clear and moving. Give life texture. The design and workmanship are very outstanding. The light luxury amber gold and mirror tray are a pair of high-value combination. The round kettle is equipped with a metal dust-proof cover, and the built-in silicone ring in the cover is stable and not easy to fall off. The round cup body has smooth curvature, comfortable hand feel, versatile and durable, transparent and smooth, and easy to clean. The base mirror tray is designed with two ears for easy handling and simple storage. The Nordic style design creates a high-value home taste. Make a pot of scented tea and make an appointment with the sisters to enjoy the afternoon tea time.

Smoky gray diamond glass cold kettle cup

Smoky gray diamond glass cold kettle cup set, high borosilicate glass, diamond design, transparent texture, real objects are more beautiful than photos. The jug body is resistant to high temperature and explosion-proof and is suitable for heating in various ways. The upgraded lid design, double outlet design. The water comes out with a big mouth, and the small holes can filter the juice and tea leaves. Equipped with a tray, the water cups can be neatly stored and placed on the tabletop, which is neat and clean, comfortable and comfortable. Large-diameter and wide-mouth design, clean without dead ends, can be reached and cleaned by hand, as clean as new. The multifunctional life purpose, home decoration accessories.

Glacier pattern glass water jug cup set

Glacier pattern glass water jug ​​cup set, crystal clear high borosilicate glass, with glacier texture, each cup has a unique flavor. Fashionable and simple, versatile and beautiful. There is a silicone ring inside the lid, which can't fall off when tilted at 90 degrees. Matching with the same glacier cup, healing and beautiful. With a handle tray, a variety of suit combinations, suitable for home use or hospitality. Whether it is used as a cool kettle or a pot of hot tea, the large capacity can meet daily drinking water needs. Don't forget to rest during busy times, soak a pot of scented tea, meet friends, and make your life more stylish.

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