Gold rim mouth irregular-shaped glass dessert bowl

Irregular-shaped glass dessert bowl, the flexible irregular edges, the transparent and clear bowl body, and the hammer pattern combine to sparkle in the sun, making it more elegant and vivid, just like a work of art, giving the glass shape a new charm. The hand-painted Phnom Penh, with soft lines, adds a light and luxurious style to the home. In the afternoon tea time, use it as a simple salad meal, bringing the double enjoyment of vision and taste. It is suitable for holding desserts, fruit dishes, etc., to meet your life needs.

Simple large glass bowl fruit bowl breakfast bowl

Simple and large glass bowl, the inner wall is smooth and round, transparent and visible, and the striped appearance design makes it difficult to slip off when held. Food-grade material, safe to touch and eat, thick, strong, durable, and drop-resistant. It can be stacked and stored, does not occupy space, and is convenient to use. Large-capacity design, easy to hold all kinds of fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc., multi-functional use, to meet your daily needs.

Large capacity irregular glass bowl kitchen bowl

Irregular glass bowls in Japanese-style creative kitchens, unique glacier shapes, high-quality glass with exquisite hammer patterns, sparkling in the sun, giving people a special beauty, which makes people love it. Large capacity can be used to hold fruits, desserts, Salad, to meet your various needs. Handmade real gold stroke, noble and elegant. The lead-free glass material can directly contact with food, healthy and safe. The smooth inner wall, easy to care for and clean. Three colors are available, bringing more possibilities to the dining table.

Creative glass salad bowl cherry blossom bowl

Phnom Penh cherry blossom bowls, the irregular waves of Phnom Penh are like traces of the natural fission of a glacier. The crystal clear glass is beautiful and charming. It can be used as salad bowls, dessert plates, etc., to meet the needs of daily meals. The vertical glacier texture is natural and smooth, extending a more textured aesthetics of life. The inner wall is smooth and easy to care for, and it is clean after washing. The simple and natural glacier texture allows busy people living in modern society to return to nature and feel the beauty and tranquility of life.

Irregular shape gold edge glass bowl salad bowl

Irregular shape gold edge glass bowl, unique shape, transparent glass texture, exquisite hammer texture, full of fruit salad, full of ritual sense, opening vitality to life ~ made of high-grade lead-free crystal glass, crystal clear, light and comfortable Hand, can be used to hold fruits, desserts, snacks, etc., can also be used as a salad bowl, cold noodle bowl, etc.
The hammer pattern has a non-slip effect, which is both beautiful and practical. The bowl undulates up and down, with beautiful lines, just like glacier water. The freshness of life is hidden in the colorful fruits and vegetables, and every bite is the heart of a sunny day.

Large capacity breakfast glass cups

Large-capacity breakfast cup, classic shape, chubby style, comfortable touch, lead-free glass material. Crystal clear, pure, and free of impurities. The bottom of the cup is thick and stable, and the center of gravity on the table is stable and not easy to topple. Simple and elegant, strong and durable, it can hold nutritious breakfast, milk oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, all kinds of health porridge, ice cream, etc., to satisfy your love of life. Drinking a cup of milk cereal every morning, full of a large cup, instantly full of happiness, replenish sufficient energy for the day, and start a beautiful day.

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