Turkey coffee cup dish ceramic tea cup ceramic suit

High quality porcelain clay, white inner wall
Gentle and graceful lines, simple and noble, enjoy the happiness of slow time
The cup and saucer should be placed on the front or right side of the drinker, and the ear of the cup should point to the right. When drinking coffee, you can hold the cup ear with your right hand, hold the coffee dish with your left hand, and slowly move to your mouth to sip. Don't hold the cup full, gulp it down, and don't bow to the coffee cup.

Turkish glass tea cup with golden saucer

Turkish glass teacup with golden saucer set, lead-free glass, transparent and bright, decorated with gold patterns, shining brightly under the light. Traditional Turkish craftsmanship, experience exotic romantic style.
The mouth of the cup is smooth and delicate, and it is comfortable to drink. The slightly thickened design can bring a better taste experience. The waist of the cup body design conforms to the design concept of modern and simple style.
With metal cups and saucers, high-end atmosphere. The spare time for work, make a cup of Turkish black tea and enjoy the afternoon tea time, making drinking water a pleasure.

Ceramic coffee cup set milk cappuccino coffee cup

Candy-colored mug set, fired with natural mineral mud at high temperature, hand-dipped glaze, the glaze color is uniform and bright. Comfortable handle, easy to handle, trustworthy. This model is designed with a variety of color samples, which can be matched at will. Different colors match the effect to meet the needs of different moods or styles.

Tea cup with saucer ceramic bone china modern tea set

Tea cup with saucer luxurious Phnom Penh, full flowers, perfect combination, full of rich charm. White porcelain tea set porcelain is delicate and round, European style retro, not only daily necessities, but also artistic decorations.
High temperature Decal technology, which can be directly in contact with delicious food, does not contain heavy metals, and can be safely used. Each cup is equipped with the same small plate, each of which is a work of art.
Tea cup with saucer's special pattern design, combined with simple shape, is light, luxurious and elegant, highlighting taste. Best tea cup set is packaged in a beautiful gift box, which is used to give gifts more decently.

Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer

Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer, with unique shapes and various colors, and a strong sense of fashion. Whether drinking coffee or milk, it becomes more interesting. Faint amber color, like the feeling of autumn sunlight coming in, soaking a cup of cappuccino, is really beautiful~ The handle glass is made of lead-free glass, the cup wall is thick, and the sunflower embossed pattern exudes retro elegance. Make drinking water refined. The electroplating process is colorful under the light, high-value and practical, and it is not easy to fade after long-term use.

European style creative ceramic coffee cup and saucer

Pure white creative coffee cups, mini simple cups and saucers, enjoy a small cup of fragrant coffee, and relieve fatigue. The thickened ceramic cup mouth and curved cup handle are ergonomic and comfortable to handle. The bottom of the concave-convex cup is stable and easy to place. The perfect combination of transparent cups and saucers and coffee cups. Using natural porcelain clay, the porcelain is fine and smooth, and the surface is smooth and easy to clean. It can be used in dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and other household appliances. Green, healthy and environmentally friendly, it is the first choice for modern family tableware.

Ceramic cup saucer set personalized coffee cups ceramic cup saucer

The ceramic coffee cup and saucer, a European style gold-painted series, fully show the exotic style. Enjoy the beauty of life rituals. The ceramic cup saucer set is fired with high-quality pottery clay at high temperatures, which is environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe. The classic design of white ceramic coffee cups is beautiful and elegant. The appearance is gorgeous, highlighting the style of taste. The texture of personalized coffee cups is clear and elegant, hand-painted, and the brushstrokes are delicate. The ceramic cup saucer can be used for making tea and drinking water every day, and you can also enjoy afternoon tea and coffee time. A smooth and feminine shape, rich European-style palace extension.

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