Pink sakura coffee cup and tea set

Pink sakura coffee cup and tea set, embossed design, cartoon cute sakura pattern with pink, full of girly hearts. The traditional gold drawing technique is light, luxurious and high-end.
Comfortable and wide handle design, exquisite and lightweight, easy to lift. The ceramics are fired at a high temperature, the hand feels more delicate and soft, very environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.
The lid is an exquisite floral handle design, golden depiction, noble and elegant. For the sake of anti-slip consideration, the bottom of the cup is not glazed and is more stable.

Coffee Set Ceramic

The pink ceramic phnom rim water ware contains a pot of six cups and a tray. The thick wall of the cup is matched with an elegant handle, which makes it comfortable to hold a hand.
The edges are rounded, and the glaze is free from oil stains and is easy to clean. Hand-painted gold, luxurious atmosphere, high value to create petty bourgeois home taste. The tray safety ears protrude for easy lifting.
You can make cold drinks and feel the different fruit teas, or you can make coffee or tea to feel the different freshness of life.
Suitable for various occasions, easy to store and easy to carry. Large-capacity binaural tray, one storage tray, beautiful and tidy.

Fashion ceramic water cup and teapot set

INS fashion ceramic water cup and teapot set, using elegant white rabbit embossed design, smooth porcelain, soft texture, durable and not easy to fade. The edge of the spout is designed with hand-painted gold, bright in color, elegant and not easy to fall off.
There is a small hole design in the pot, making tea more healthy. A buckle is designed on the edge of the lid to prevent the lid from falling off when pouring water. The thickened bottom of the cup is not easy to slip off.
The fashionable tea set with dazzling pearl glaze texture is not only high in value, but also durable and practical. INS fashion clever items instantly enhance the value of home decoration.

Retro blue gold-plated goblet tea set

The dazzling embossed pattern like a diamond brings a different and outstanding hand feeling and is full of brilliance. The lustrous colors, clear lines and crystal clear, make time more memorable.
In the free afternoon, bathing in the warm sunshine, listening to relaxing music, making a cup of coffee, paired with desserts and snacks, it is a small fortunate in a simple life. The embossed texture on the surface of the cup body is clear, the pattern is vivid, the workmanship is exquisite, and the elegance and beauty coexist.
The cup has a thick wall, round and delicate rim, exquisite workmanship, and an excellent touch. The thickened bottom of the cup is designed to be strong and durable, safe and secure.

Floral ceramic coffee cup set with plate shelf

The exquisite floral coffee cup set includes a coffee pot, six coffee cups with saucers and spoons, a milk jug, and a sugar bowl. The elegant floral pattern, painted with gold trim, is noble and elegant.
The cassette lid design makes it difficult to fall off during the pouring process, and the operation is simple. The V-shaped spout is round and smooth, and the water is fluent and natural.
The edge of the cup is rounded and decorated with gold line strokes, which is even more classy. The handle is novel and exquisite, ergonomically designed, and comfortable to hold.
The pallet has a wave shape, is creative and fashionable, and looks better with it. The storage iron frame can be neatly stacked to save space.

Tea Set Ceramic

Marble gold-patterned irregular water ware suit, showing clear strokes and crack patterns without losing elegance. It is healthy and hygienic after high-temperature firing. The intimate card position design on both sides of the lid makes it firmly close to the body of the pot without worrying about the problem of lid falling. The handle is enlarged, the edges are smoothly polished, and the streamlined design makes the grip more comfortable. Simple design, convenient to lift and save time and effort.

Ceramic delicate coffee cup set pottery tea set wholesale

The elegant and charming lines are gilded, the bumps have a three-dimensional sense of hierarchy, and are full of artistic rhythm. The inner wall is smooth, easy to clean after use, and it is not easy to hide dirt, and it is healthier to use.
Made of high-temperature porcelain clay, it can withstand cold and heat and is not easy to break, so it can be used with confidence. The British rural atmosphere, full gold depiction, delicate and vivid.
Take a cup of tea in your spare time and feel the blessings that nature brings to us. European-style luxurious and beautiful appearance, creating an elegant quality of life, suitable for any kind of home style.

Household European style retro coffee cup set

It is made of high-quality clay fired at high temperatures and does not contain harmful substances. The anti-mouthpiece design is beautiful and elegant, and the appearance is gorgeous, showing the taste and style.
It can be used daily for drinking water, making tea, or enjoying afternoon tea and coffee. The food-grade color glaze is painted and fired, which can be in direct contact with food.
The texture is distinct and graceful, hand-painted with delicate brushstrokes. Smooth and soft shape, rich European style palace style, elegant and stable, showing a different texture.

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