Serveware Ceramic Serving Platter

Serveware Ceramic Serving Platter
this handmade platter with bamboo handle will impress your guest
this platter will serve your food in style

Platter Ceramic Black Single

Platter Ceramic Black Single
this lovely serving plate with bamboo handle to resist heat
the oval design will impress your guest

Black Japanese Sushi Ceramic Dinner Plates

The black crystal frosted long plate, streamlined and delicate, the combination of elegance and nobility, is an irresistible courage. Simplicity can also create a classic, simple and true hand-made touch, and can return to the true nature of life. High-temperature firing, safe and hygienic, safe to use. The base is made of bamboo and wood long plate, which is non-slip and anti-scalding, and carefully designed to prevent scalding of the table top. Midea is practical and beautiful, simple and elegant, and feels good in hand.

Ceramic Restaurant Serving Dinner Plate Set Wooden Handle

The square wooden handle plate adopts advanced color glaze technology, does not contain lead, cadmium, is safe and environmentally friendly, and has a delicate and smooth touch. It is clean after washing, and the intimate handle design makes it more convenient to use. Awaken your sleeping taste buds and immerse yourself in the food. It is good for serving snacks, snacks, fruit salads or as a baking tray. On every special day, I personally offer my family and friends the food that I have baked with my heart, and enjoy not only the unforgettable deliciousness, but also the happy time that baking brings.

Dishes Dinner Plates Ceramic With Bamboo Handle

The round wooden handle plate adopts advanced color glaze technology, does not contain lead, cadmium, is safe and environmentally friendly, and has a delicate and smooth touch. High-quality ceramics can be fired, and can be placed in a microwave oven, etc. You can define three meals a day without waiting for the delicious food. It can hold pasta, vegetarian dishes, meat food, etc., suitable for home, kitchen, restaurant, apartment, coffee shop, milk tea shop, etc. Versatile, versatile style.

Dinner Plate Set Ceramic Matt Black

Ceramic matte black dinner plate set, light luxury and simplicity, calm atmosphere, good tableware set off good food. The shape design of chrysanthemum petals is light and thin, and the frosted petals curve fits the curvature of the plate. It is very beautiful to hold any food, full of literary atmosphere, elegant and charming. Two sizes can meet your more dining needs, simple and practical, and the table is a beautiful work of art. The small capacity can hold a variety of desserts, fruits and snacks, and the large capacity can hold dishes, staple foods, steaks, etc.

Black Matte Ceramic Plates With Bamboo Handle

The matte black handle plate is quiet, unique and not flashy. Smooth edges, fine and smooth texture. Retro style, simple design, natural, compact and practical, let you put it down. It can be filled with fruits, vegetables, bread, pastry, sushi, steak and other dishes, and enjoy the delicious food at any time, Choose the life you like.

Ceramic Sauce Vinegar Sushi Dishes

The ceramic sauced vinegar sushi dishes have a frosted texture, combined with the drop resistance of the melamine material, so that the saucers are durable and resistant to fall, and they are not old. The shape is small, beautiful and practical, which makes the monotonous desktop instantly vivid. Dim sum dipping sauce, restaurant side dishes, all suitable. The elegant design of the bamboo base is perfect for sauces and desserts, adding more fun to your dinner. Strictly selected raw materials, no chemical ingredients are added, adults and children can use it with confidence.

A set of 3 Ceramic snack bowls for tableware wholesalers

Bamboo and wood ceramic fruit bowl is made of natural raw bamboo and wood, which can effectively prevent mildew through turning, cooking, hot pressing, disinfection and other manufacturing processes. With the color of fruit ceramic type, novel shape, intimate design.

Creative European-style rotating ceramic fruit plate set

The ceramic material is healthy and safe, the glaze is warm and smooth, and the color collision of white ceramics and iron art is elegant and stylish.
One kind of food is placed in one compartment, and the compartments are stored without odor, and it is more convenient to take. Independent separation design, each cell can be used alone, and cleaning is more convenient.
The base tray, which can be rotated flexibly, is more convenient to choose, and you can choose what you love. With cover design, you can easily cover the endless snacks, dust-proof and moisture-proof, and comfortable to use.
The ceramic fruit plate not only carries food and strong hospitality but also brings you a taste of the exquisite life texture.

Wooden tray ceramic special-shaped plate modern fruit plate

Carefully create a small sauce dish with a fresh bamboo and wood tray, a variety of styles, warm and smooth ceramics to create unique home tableware for you.
Exquisite and high-value, it can be used as a snack dish or a seasoning dish, with various functions, high temperature forged ceramics and can be used for direct heating in microwave ovens, ovens, etc.
The ceramic glaze is smooth and delicate, easy to clean, easy to wash off oil stains, and durable. The tray has a concave design shape, which fits the bottom of the dish, effectively preventing slipping and stabilizing the plate.
The tableware and underglaze color hand-painted make the dining table full of artistic atmosphere and improve the lifestyle.

Solid color flower shape serving plate tableware flower plate

This beautiful plate is made of ceramic and feels great in the hand. Hand-made with pottery clay, high-temperature firing materials are sufficient, the texture is thick, and each one has been strictly screened.
The special-shaped tableware is matched with embossed embellishments to increase the retro beauty, and a variety of styles are available, which can be matched as you like.
The matte glazed surface does not fade and the exquisite food utensils, the three-dimensional relief texture, and the retro tones highlight the light luxury, adding elegance to the diet.

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