hand painted china ceramic plate porcelain dish

The decoration of underglaze color is carried out on the adobe. After applying glaze, it is burned once at high temperature. This product is the same as the glaze color. The decorative pattern is covered by glaze layer.
The luster of the decorative pattern is consistent with the luster of glaze. For dish and bowl products, several products of the same size can be stacked together, and the distance between them can be observed.
For porcelain products, you can hold it on your hand and tap the edge of the mouth with your fingers. If it makes a hoarse sound, it indicates that there are cracks inside.

Double handle ceramic baking plate ceramic tableware plate

Double ear handle design, beautiful and practical, firm and easy to hold, effectively prevent the end take hot hand, swing plate is also more beautiful

western food plate household creative hand-painted breakfast plate

Provide all sizes and designs, perfect artwork and logo offset; food containers, warehouses and decorations; suitable for dishwasher, microwave oven, disinfection cabinet

Flower pattern restaurant ceramic baking dish

Underglaze color technology
It is fired at high temperature by underglaze color technology
Lead free and cadmium free, more comfortable to use

Bohemian ceramic plate set cutlery plate baking plate

Product Name: Bohemian style hand painted ceramic plate with handle, microwave oven safety
Usage:Home / hotel / Restaurant
Features: microwave oven safety / oven safety / dishwasher safety

Hand painted Nordic pattern household ceramic baking dish

2020 New Style Ceramic Sushi Dish Hand-painted Nordic Pattern Household Rectangular Baking Dish
Usage:For Hotel, Home, Restaurant, Wedding, Banquet
Modern simple style, unique design, high quality and low price, hand-painted decals. Safe and non-toxic, sustainable use.

Blue and white porcelain deep plate suit

Name:Ceramic round plate
Material:Ceramic / Porclain
Usage:Dishwasher-safe,Microwave available
Feature:Eco-Friendly, fashion design
Color:White with colorful design
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Handmade colorful ceramic plates dessert plate

The glaze of colorful ceramic plates is as smooth as lacquer, and the dish is round and shows taste. Hand-painted patterns under the glaze of handmade ceramic plates, classic atmosphere design, smooth and delicate, self-use or gift is a good choice.
In a kitchen with the beauty of life, treat cooking as a kind of enjoyment and feel the happiness brought by the soul. Ceramic tableware dessert plates, delicious food, and beautiful utensils cannot be disappointed.
Ceramic decorative plates add a sense of ritual to the dining table, and the posing food is more appetizing.

Underglaze ceramic cute children food dishes creative cartoon rabbit plates

Cute cartoon hand-painted ceramic children's tableware will bring you the fun of dining with childlike innocence. Made of high-quality ceramics, thick texture, and hand-painted underglaze craftsmanship, cute and fresh, let the fresh plate light up the entire table.
It is fired at high temperature, the color is lasting, healthy and safe, and the baby can use it with confidence. The glaze is smooth and delicate, with a delicate touch. Rinse with water after use, oil stains are easy to clean. With handle design, easy to lift.

Japanese style double ear ceramic plate

Japanese style double ear ceramic plate, the glaze color is clear and lasting, and it is not easy to wear and decolor. High temperature forging, thick porcelain, non-toxic and lead-free, healthy and environmentally friendly.
The glaze texture is clearly visible, and the exquisite underglaze craftsmanship makes the food on the tableware more attractive.
Double-ear handle design, anti-scalding and heat insulation, warm and thick, with a heightened bottom design, which can be matched with Western food.
The outer layer pattern uses the transferred plant pattern to increase the humanistic atmosphere. It will not be monotonous, experience the traces of retro nostalgia, and feel the warm and simple life.

Simple white fish pattern rectangular long plates

A good life starts with a good set of tableware. The simple rectangular plate with white fish pattern is unique and cute, and it enters your life with an artistic style and adds warmth to your life. The simple art style is integrated into the elements of modern life, elegant and pure, fresh and unique. Fashion pattern, smooth glaze, high temperature firing, easy to clean. The utility type is more than beautiful. Enjoying a meal starts with a good set of utensils.

Phnom Penh shell dumpling plates ceramic gold plate set

Dumpling plate with plate and plate, you can adjust your favorite sauce according to your taste. Dinner plates for restaurant personality shape, fresh color can be used as photography props.
Gold plate set creative shell shape, smooth and elegant lines, smooth and delicate glaze. Pastoral Ins style, good-looking and free collocation adds intelligent artistic color, making the dining table full of aesthetic atmosphere.
The bowls and plates set candy color is atmospheric beauty, with its aura, the classic color matching presents the texture of the plate, giving the home a harmonious atmosphere.

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