Bakhoor Oud Burner Ceramic

Bakhoor Oud Burner Ceramic, Marble design, ingenious work, pleasing to the eye. The shape of the vessel is simple and elegant, and the bouquet-shaped exterior design with cracked patterns is retro and elegant. Putting the incense burner on the piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy is quite Zen, and it is also a home decoration ornament. It can also be used as a gift for incense, with auspicious meaning. The fragrance is full of sultry, pleasant heart and soul, and tranquility.

Incense Bakhoor Burner

The incense burner uses marble patterns and irregular shapes. The image is lifelike, the craftsmanship is exquisite, the texture is clear, and the appearance is indescribable. The incense vessel is made of ceramics, and the surface of the glaze is elegant, which makes the incense vessel look generous and elegant as a whole.
The stove cover is hollowed out, allowing the aroma diffuser to overflow, full of Zen, and a beautiful tea table. Boil a pot of mellow spring tea, taste a hint of aroma, appreciate a pot of good utensils, and inherit a culture.

Large ceramic incense burner wood grain

Large ceramic incense burner hollow large incense burner, suitable for pan incense, backflow incense, incense incense, etc. The cover body is hollowed out, and the smoke is lingering with joy and rhyme, which is elegant and smart, showing the taste.
The material of the incense burner is exquisite, beautiful and generous, and the bottom inlaid design is more stable.
The furnace body is delicate and exquisite, the overall ancient charm is melodious, there is no lack of atmospheric texture, and the elegance is revealed in the low-key.

Ceramic Decoration Incense Burner

Natural marble with clear grain, smooth surface and bright color. The beauty and taste displayed by the artifacts nourish our lives and souls. Classic and simple exterior design, insert a bunch of flowers to create a beautiful landscape.
Create a charming home space and feel the natural scenery in front of you. Simple yet so delicate, it adds countless brilliance to life.

Ceramic Bakhoor Burner Portable

Bakhour's white Arabic ceramic incense burner is hand-painted in gold, using real materials. The surface of the incense tube is glazed, and the hand feels warm and the tire wall is thick. High-quality porcelain clay is fired at high temperature, the porcelain is beautiful and durable. No fading, no fading, clear texture, natural and lifelike, implying auspiciousness. The classic shape makes the porcelain gorgeous and elegant.

Marble Bakhoor Incense Burner

The design of the furnace mouth is round and smooth, and it is finely polished by hand, which is dignified and atmospheric. The marble pattern on the body is complex, the texture is clear and natural, and it is lifelike. After glazing, it is smooth and bright, with ingenious craftsmanship and delicate touch. The base is hand-polished and it is stable. It is preferably made of ceramics and fired at high temperature, which is beautiful and atmospheric.

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