Flamingo series tableware ceramic plate ceramic soup bowl

Processing technology of colored glaze
Using advanced colored glaze technology, no lead, no cadmium, safe and environmental protection, delicate and smooth touch
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Japanese style simple ceramic tableware

Japanese style simple ceramic tableware, using natural alpine clay, high-temperature firing, sterilization and disinfection, no heavy metal substances, healthy and environmentally friendly. Simple line design, clear patterns, beautiful colors, smooth and delicate edges, simple and exquisite shape, suitable for all kinds of fashion design restaurants. Incorporate into gourmet beauty, decorate your dining table life, and add elegance to the kitchen. Different types of appliances are placed on top of each other, which not only stores neatly, but also displays more beautifully, and enhances the overall temperament of the home.

Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware

Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware, elegant pattern, simple fashion, underglaze color, carrying food more healthy. A leisurely mood, a comfortable life, inadvertently spreading~ The high-foot bowl bottom design, heat insulation, anti-scalding, and the vertical striped road shape give people a bright feeling. The deliciousness of three meals a day is defined by you, easy to handle. The lattice pattern has clear layers, the three-dimensional beauty does not fade, and it will not react with food. It is healthy and environmentally friendly and can use with confidence. Pasta, sushi, pancakes, fruits, etc. It can be in full bloom to meet your various needs.

Refreshing rhombic ceramic tableware

Refreshing rhombic ceramic tableware, with interlaced rhombic lines, can also be used as a canvas to set off food when placed on the table. Ceramic material, easy to clean, easy to take care of, comfortable and worry-free.
You can choose the collocation freely. It can be used for three meals a day, and it can be used for one person or more than one person. The high-temperature firing process is suitable for brightly-colored ingredients, embellished with colors, and sparks deliciously, creating a unique table style.
The oval plate can be used for placing fish or serving plates, and the rice bowl is suitable for holding rice and is effective in heat insulation. Delicious with food utensils, always make people appetite.

Checkered Bohemian tableware set

Checkered Bohemian tableware, the pattern adopts printing and printing technology, underglaze color technology, diverse shapes, and non-fading. An exquisite life starts with fine tableware.
Porcelain fired at high temperature, environmentally friendly finished product, does not contain toxic substances, and can be used with confidence. The model is simple and the touch is superior.
The bottom is non-slip and not glazed, and it is polished and polished to make the tabletop not easy to scratch.

Creative cartoon ceramic net red duck tableware

Fun cartoon patterns, tableware that adults and children love, keep every sweet delicacy light. The craftsmanship isolates the food and the paint layer, does not contain harmful substances, is bright in color and durable, and the baby can use it with confidence. Convenient heating, suitable for microwave ovens, ovens, etc., no need to search for heating utensils. There are many types of equipment to choose from when life is unremarkable but also interesting and cute. You can have daily meals, serving dishes or baking.

Creative cartoon fruit watermelon tableware set

Summer is a hot and colorful season, and it is also a season to enjoy food. The new fruit bowls allow you to enjoy more food this season, such as salads, smoothies, ice creams, refreshing drinks, etc.
The vivid fruit shapes, from the peel to the pulp, are so active and attractive, and the appetite will increase when you look at it. Use fruit as a bowl, and all meals are sweet.
The use of green and environmentally friendly color glaze technology does not contain heavy metals so that your happiness has more health protection.

Pure white household porcelain creative embossed pattern dinnerware set

Pure white daily-use porcelain creative relief pattern tableware set, fired at high temperature, the glazed surface is smooth, white as jade, healthy and non-toxic. Suitable for Chinese and Western restaurants, family kitchens, restaurants, school canteens, etc.
Improved plate shape, atmospheric texture smooth surface effect, convenient to display a variety of food. The pure white color, transparent and flawless, without too much complicated modification, has become its biggest selling point.

Strawberry series baking plate dinnerware breakfast plate for children

Underglaze color technology / durability
High quality porcelain clay, smooth and delicate, high temperature firing,
Scope of application: microwave oven, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, oven.

Cute cartoon ceramic breakfast bowl children's dinnerware

Cute cartoon ceramic breakfast bowl children's tableware, hand-painted double ear bowl, healthy hand-painted underglaze color process. High temperature firing, can be put into the oven and microwave oven, giving you a sense of full life ceremony.
Various types of utensils can be selected to meet the needs of daily meals. The plate is a little deep. It is convenient and more practical to hold dishes.
The hand bowl can be used to bake rice, load dishes and eat salads to light up your warm food. The combination of fresh and bright colors and lovely patterns, unique patterns and high-value tableware make it more beautiful and interesting on the table.

Sales plate set bone china dinnerware set

Tableware set, bowl and plate, household modern simple ceramic, creative personality, net red combination, bowl and plate set, rice bowl and plate
Products using high temperature firing ceramics, can be heated at will.

New pure white ceramic dinnerware home set

High-quality ceramic materials are selected, and after high-temperature secondary calcination, the visible texture is unique, classic, and luxurious. Authentic materials, safe and healthy, extraordinary quality.
Traditional porcelain making process, meticulous and transparent porcelain, suitable for microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, etc. Simple shape, classic white, the essence of life is the return of taste and texture.
Every detail of the tableware is carefully made, and the unique design makes the three meals a day an artistic enjoyment, and life becomes not easy. Simple design, fine porcelain plate, white porcelain surface, smooth and translucent.

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