white gold rim ceramic coffee cup and saucer

The white gold rim ceramic cup is made of high-grade bone china, made of environmentally friendly materials, and is healthy and safe. Simple white hits the big Phnom Penh, showing light and luxurious style. The cup and saucer match the golden stainless steel spoon, exuding a charming and elegant temperament. Pure titanium-gold edge, not easy to fall gold, high safety, daily maintenance only needs to wipe lightly with a cotton cloth to restore luster. Different styles and styles will give you a different heartbeat experience and enjoy the beauty of coffee.

Ceramic Mug Lovely Pillow-shaped Dish Travel Coffee Mugs

Pillow bag coffee cup dish set afternoon tea cup dessert breakfast oatmeal cup, a very ceremonial cup, lovely macaroni, gentle and pure, soft color, delicate touch. You can drink coffee, afternoon tea, milk, etc.. Classic and durable colors make drinks more prominent and romantic. The base is also ceramic. In order not to make the cup and dish too heavy, the design of hollow inside is adopted.

English ceramic coffee cup & saucer set black tea cup set

Beautiful shape, elegant shape, suitable for various occasions. The decals are painted with gold, the glaze is delicate and warm, and the simplified and fashionable gold tone makes people happy.
Cups and saucers can be used not only to hold cups but also to hold snacks and desserts. The round mouth has no burrs, and it feels gentle and comfortable when drinking. Intimate handle design, moderate arc, comfortable grip.
Porcelain is delicate in quality, soft in white, very light in texture, warm in glaze, and strong in light transmission, showing a texture and brightness different from ordinary porcelain, exuding a noble temperament.

Ceramic Coffee Cup & Saucer Set Gradient Shine Cup Wholesale

Gradient pearl coffee cup, shell texture, full of design, life needs a sense of ritual. The chic striped shape, the bright glaze, the girl's heart is full, people can't put it down. Natural and chic, adding a sense of art to life.
Gradient glaze, round and smooth, exquisite workmanship, with good texture, like a fine art. The cup is made of high-quality ceramics, fired at high temperature, and the glaze has a high gloss and does not absorb water.
Matching cups and saucers, light luxury and generous, gradient high-gloss glaze, let you enjoy a comfortable life. Comfortable curved cup handle, effective heat insulation and anti-scalding, more convenient to hold.

Gilt Pattern Coffee Cup & Saucer Set

The cup body is painted with gold design, showing the light and luxurious atmosphere. Gorgeous gold edging, full color, delicate porcelain, smooth hand feeling, easy to clean. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a cup of coffee and relax your mind.
In the warm afternoon, three or two friends get together, pick up a book to read, and enjoy afternoon tea time. Whether it is coffee or afternoon tea, meet your needs, create a good afternoon tea time, and give yourself an elegant life.
Light and luxurious and elegant color matching, the dual-purpose cups and saucers can be used as coasters and can also be used for snacks and desserts. It is very convenient, and it is very stylish for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Porcelain Tea Cup And Saucer Set

The simple lines outline a round and elegant shape. Who is clean, thick and tightly integrated with the fetal bone, with a color like jade, translucent and smooth, and a warm and intimate touch.
Simple life, simple happiness, full of charm atmosphere. In a leisurely afternoon, leaning on a comfortable sofa, making a cup of coffee, savoring elegance and dreaming of life. The taste of home is richer and refreshing because of it.

Bulk porcelain cup and saucer white wholesale

White and smooth porcelain, hard, compact, and delicate in texture. It has superior strength and quality to meet the needs of professionals. Pure white espresso coffee cup, thickened mouth, curved handle, ergonomic, comfortable to hold.
The bottom of the concave-convex cup is stable and easy to place. The transparent cup and saucer are just right to combine with the coffee cup.

New high-end gold handle coffee cup and saucer set

Bright colors give people a fresh and refreshing atmosphere, exquisite craftsmanship with solid color glaze, light luxury, and elegance. The simplified and stylish primary color makes people happy.
The cups and saucers are beautiful in shape and three-dimensional and can be used not only to make cups and saucers but also to hold snacks and desserts. To meet various living needs, it is the choice of the modern family home.

Ceramic Espresso Coffee Cup Set

Ceramic Espresso Coffee Cup Set package including 6 cups,6 bamboo saucer dish and a golden display stand, this classic design is good for gift. A cup is multi-purpose, you can make tea, milk, or coffee every day.
The simple happiness is to quietly enjoy the fun of a cup of coffee, taste every bit of life, and add a sense of comfort. A cup of fragrant coffee and a quiet music start a quiet afternoon. Embossed patterns, humanized cup handle design, smooth lines and beautiful appearance.

Light luxury small white coffee cups espresso cups

Small white coffee cups break the traditional concept design and incorporate the nordic modern elements to make the tableware full of design sense without losing the simplified atmosphere.
A happy and gorgeous life, simplified and unassuming, every detail of espresso cups is carefully crafted. When life meets creativity, small ceramic coffee cups are simplified and warm, they add a little style and fun to life.
Small white coffee cups are made of modern and popular gold, combined with classic cup shapes, highlighting the fashionable and luxurious style.

Espresso Porcelain Ceramic Cup And Saucer Set

This embossed tableware uses a fence embossed pattern, which has a heavy texture to the touch and a hand feel. Following the main elements of classical European style, it incorporates modern life elements and is fashionable and fresh. The overall shape is unique, free and easy, natural and full of spirituality. The pure white coffee cup and saucer are healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly. In a busy life, make a cup of coffee or afternoon tea and enjoy a slow down time with family or friends.

Tea Cup And Saucer Set Porcelain

Simple and creative coffee cup and saucer set, a set including 6 cups and 6 the cup saucers. The saucer set with elegant embossed design, sometimes it's just a decoration, and it looks pleasing to the eye when stacked randomly. A cup of coffee, a snack, in the afternoon in the warm sun, give yourself a reward, calm down and enjoy the lazy life. The cup body is round and flawless, it is just right to hold coffee, and the handle is curved, safe and comfortable, and not hot. The transparent and bright cups and saucers are just right for the combination of coffee cups, suitable for families, coffee shops, milk tea shops, hotels, etc.

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