Japanese style soup basin with lid creative casserole soup for gas stove

Ceramic household double ear soup pot, super large Japanese soup pot with cover, creative casserole soup, special for gas stove,
Products using hand underglaze color process, suitable for microwave oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, oven.

Ceramic Cooking Pot With Lid

The small size of the milk pan is very interesting. It is not only good-looking, but also quality and demeanor. With the addition of feldspar, the texture is delicate, healthy and beautiful, and it is the new favorite of fashionable kitchenware. Smooth glazed surface, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The pot cover is equipped with safety vents, pressure regulation, balance the pressure in the pot, and a narrow and high pot rim to avoid overflow and be safe and secure. Extended anti-scalding long handle, ergonomic design, comfortable grip.

Soup Stock Pots Ceramic

Family health casserole restores the fresh and nutritious taste of the ingredients. Whether it is home-cooked or exquisite cuisine, every bite is alive. Straight pot body design, fast cleaning, 360 degree seamless cleaning, not easy to hide dirt. Imported ore and kaolin are fired at a high temperature with alternating hot and cold without cracking. Kitchen warming companion, new fashion solid color pot, overflow-proof pot edge, prevent soup from overflowing, arc-shaped cap, non-slip and easy to handle.

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