Phnom Penh ceramic seasoning jar with spoon and cover

Ceramic seasoning pot set household special creative refined sugar salt pot with spoon and cover
Hand painted gold, easy to clean, not greasy.

Ceramic condiment set with cover

Pottery with bamboo and wood, retro style, elegant.
This is a very tasty ceramic seasoning jar. The gentle and simple clay material inside
the sword is matched with bamboo and wood to add a different charm to the kitchen.

Japanese-style blue and white seasoning bottle set

The combination of Japanese-style blue and white seasoning bottle and oil tank, the combination of ceramics and bamboo and wood, adds artistic beauty to your life.
Purely hand-painted, each pattern is lifelike, making you fall in love with kitchen life. Japanese-style antique blue and white, hand-painted underglaze pattern, healthy and safe.
The seasoning pot comes with a bamboo wood lid with a rubber ring seal to ensure a better seal. Unique shape, small hole spout design, smooth pouring without oil leakage, is a work of art in the kitchen.

Ceramic Condiment Jar Spice Set Of 4

Japanese-style hand-painted seasoning jars, with hand-painted patterns on the exterior, with vivid and interesting brushstrokes. Each jar has a slightly different pattern, making the kitchen more stylish. The wooden pallet fixes the ceramic pot, which is more convenient to use and can show personality and taste. With a ceramic cover design, there is a small notch to place a spoon, which is more clean and sanitary than dust and moisture. Elegant small objects enhance the style of the entire kitchen, beautiful and practical. The big belly design is round and fits, and the ups and downs of life are intimately stored.

Ceramic Condiment Spice Jar Seasoning Box Set

the ceramic material will not get rusted by the salt and moisture
it is a good gift to your friens.
Interesting and creative design, good-looking color, for your food color, let you enjoy your cooking time.

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