ceramic cake stand set

Simple ceramic dried fruit storage tray, white porcelain fruit skewers, plain white porcelain and natural bamboo wood, make food more warm, and pursue the natural flavor of life.
The bamboo wood is hand-polished and dried, which can be assembled, disassembled and easily cleaned. The plates are smooth, easy to clean, and full of texture.
Place different flavors of snacks and fruit cakes in layers, which is clear at a glance, making it more convenient to take, and enjoy the afternoon tea time!

Retro high-rise ceramic cake stand with lid

Retro high-rise ceramic cake stand with lid, the surface of the plate is smooth and delicate, and it can be in direct contact with food. The raised edge design can effectively prevent things from slipping off. The combination of porcelain and iron art brings a different new experience. The combination of different shapes meets different needs. It not only can use as a dried fruit tray but also as a storage tray, which is multi-purpose. Good-looking objects are not only household kitchen utensils but also table decorations. Add warmth and comfort to life and make life no longer monotonous.

Ceramic cute cake stand mini cake stand wholesale

Simple design, light, luxurious, and elegant color matching, multiple styles to choose from, taste the beauty of life. The versatile and practical dessert stand can also be used for storage.
Selected high-quality stainless steel material structure, quality assurance, suitable for hotel living room, restaurant dining, friends dinner, home kitchen, and other scenes.
One thing is multi-purpose, and it is also a unique landscape on the table. Small objects add to the mood of life and make the home no longer monotonous.

Ceramic three-layer fruit tray multi-layer snack candy cake rack

Ceramic three-layer fruit tray, family living room, coffee table,
European style creative modern multi-layer snack, candy, cake and snack rack

Ceramic Cake Stands 2 Tier

European style ceramic snack rack, durable and affordable. The Huan-style handle is made of noble gold, the material looks lightweight, but it is thick and durable, and it feels very comfortable to carry. Multi-layer design can hold more items, cakes, snacks, nuts, fruits, etc. can all be applied. The overall glazed texture is very delicate, white and elegant, simple and natural, with any furniture, it shows the atmosphere of romantic life. It is a work of art seduced by fashion and charm, which brings a different style to life, and the mood becomes extraordinarily rich as a result.

Cake Pop Stand Cup Cake Stand Ceramic

Three-layer fruit pastry rack, creative multi-layer design, exquisite and transparent plate body, fresh and visible. Multiple specifications and sizes are available to meet a variety of needs.
It is made of selected food-grade stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, high hardness, and strong practicability. The overall appearance is polished, and the surface is bright and smooth, which is very easy to clean.
Simple design concept, fine polishing and originality. The edge of the white plate is exquisitely polished, smooth and without burrs, and it is safe to use.

Popping Cake Stands For Wedding Cakes Ceramic

This double-layer cake tray has a simple and fashionable shape, which brings more possibilities to your home style. It can be used to place small objects such as rings and necklaces, as well as snacks and snacks. Multi-layer design porcelain is smooth and delicate, full of texture, light, luxurious and elegant. Food is matched with beautiful utensils, both design sense and practicality, so that life is no longer single. The handle is made of gold plating, with metallic luster on the surface, detachable, easy to clean, convenient and comfortable to lift. Multi-layer design can be selected according to different needs, suitable for storage, afternoon tea tray, etc.

Ceramic double-layer fruit plate cake stand

Ceramic fruit plates, dessert counter and cake stand, set combinations, to meet your needs. White dessert with plastic lid, European style and simple. Whether it is a cake or a snack, it is very suitable, and it is also a beautiful decoration in leisure time. The transparent cover is transparent and bright, round and stylish, sturdy and durable; the cylindrical handle, polished by multiple processes, is convenient to take and not hurt your hands.

Phnom Penh round dessert bowl dried fruit grid plate

Phnom Penh round dessert bowl, soft tones, light luxury gold embellishment, delicate and natural, full of personality. The double-layer superimposed design is stable and space-saving. Different dried fruit candies are placed in distinct compartments that are not tainted and bid farewell to messy. It with a base, each plate is elegant. Fresh and elegant double-layer fruit plate, enjoy a moment of relaxed life and add warm companionship to the ordinary life.

Double-layer cake stand ceramic fruit plate stand

Simple double-layer cake stand, a good life starts with a fruit plate stand. The snack tray is thickened to prevent it from breaking and to better protect the snacks and fruits. The golden pattern stroke is more fashionable, fits the home style, beautiful and generous. The plastic lid is crystal clear and can protect the desserts from being polluted by dust in the air. Simplicity without losing the unique shape, inspires people's love for life. Multi-layer stacked structure does not take up space and saves the area of ​​the coffee table.

Poecelain Cake Stand With Dome Plates Dessert

Nordic small fresh cake plate, ceramic texture and glass cover, elegant and romantic atmosphere, delicate life and beautiful atmosphere. The appearance is very high even if it is placed on the dining table as a decoration, which is also very beautiful. Exquisite glaze craftsmanship highlights the calmness and elegance of European style. Suitable for storage of snacks, dried fruits, fruits, cakes, etc. Lead-free glass is clean and transparent, safe to use. Record every memorable moment and recall the dependence on taste.

Dessert Cake Table Stand

Cake tray with lid, tent-like appearance design, quality, and artistic sense coexist. Practical and translucent, dust-proof, mosquito-proof, fresh-keeping, and moisture-proof, giving food better care. The white tray has a comfortable circular design, an elegant arc shape, suitable for placing various desserts. Simple storage, suitable for storage of snacks, dried fruits, fruits, cakes, decoration display, food photography, etc. Small and fresh Nordic minimalist style, the combined effect can present an outstanding vision.

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