Cartoon binaural instant noodle bowl with ceramic lid

​The cartoon binaural instant noodle bowl has a creative and cute shape, stylish and unique, with a lid design, which is convenient for dustproof, and the intimate binaural handle makes the hot soup not afraid of being hot, and it is convenient to handle.
Large-capacity design, every bite is large satisfaction, can be used for instant noodles, salads, dishes, etc. It can heat in the oven or microwave, and it is not afraid to gather cold and heat.
The lid can be used as a heat preservation lid to avoid the loss of umami taste and can also be used as a small dish to enjoy a good meal.

Parent-child painted ceramic bowls handmade bowl ceramic rice bowl

Ceramic kitchen bowls are exquisite designs for a family of six, using advanced printing technology to make the designs appear on the ceramic rice bowls, fusing the family's happiness thinking, simple happiness.
Modern ceramic bowls adopt artificial hand-painted + underglaze color craftsmanship, which will ensure the color will fade, be healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence.
Painted ceramic bowls are colorful and full, cute and fresh to add color to food, let every ordinary day become a poem. The glaze of handmade bowls is exquisite and moisturizing, durable, and wear-resistant, and it is as new as it can use for a long time.

Cartoon cute animal hand painted underglaze color creative breakfast bowl

Hand painted cartoon animal rice bowl, baby ceramic tableware, lovely children's soup bowl, creative student's household noodle bowl, single, embossed animal shape, let your appetite increase greatly every day.

Lovely fruit bowl dish spoon three-piece suit

Lovely fruit ceramic tableware set, single watermelon bowl, creative soup bowl, noodle bowl and plate combination, fruit temptation, take it from nature for life, let children love to eat, creative home bowl.

Restaurant Small Serving Bowls With Design

Hand-painted creative children's bowl, hand-made, full of blue and white, depicting a table of flowers. It is fired at high temperature and has a light texture and a creamy white color. The porcelain is placed under the light, faintly translucent, hand-painted, each stroke is exquisitely white, intoxicating, simple and elegant. Humanized design, practical and beautiful.

Ceramic gold-rimmed odd-shaped plate and bowl wholesale

Pure white enamel gilded ceramic bowl, stylish and interesting, unique shape, durable and color-resistant. Selected high-quality ceramic material, fired at high temperature, the glaze has a texture and is easy to clean.
There are wavy salad bowls, high-footed rice bowls, bamboo hat Japanese noodle bowls, pasta plate bowls, leaf-shaped dipping saucer bowls, and octagonal fruit bowls.
Fashionable atmosphere, thick material, practical and beautiful. Healthy and environmentally friendly, you can use it with confidence. Superposition is better for storage, meets different needs, and makes life light and orderly.

High temperature open fire soup pot white stew pot ceramic bowls

It can be used for all kinds of soup, porridge, stew, stew, hot pot, etc. White simple shape, with double-ear handles, covered with silicone, heat-resistant and anti-scalding, easy to carry.
Uniform color, stable material performance, long-term use without cracking, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. The integrated design of the pot body and the ears makes it easy to handle, beautiful, and practical.
The white ceramic has good texture and is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali. The bottom of the pot is designed with full glaze, which can effectively gather energy and store heat, heat evenly, and has a good thermal insulation effect.

Fruit series breakfast bowl hand painted ceramic face bowl

Underglaze color technology
Underglaze color process is adopted to prevent heavy metals such as lead and cadmium from spilling,
It is safe and healthy, with solid porcelain and smooth glaze.

Ceramic Ramen Bowls Color Bowl

the in-glazed hand applied design bring the Euro culture into your kitchen
made of high quality ceramic use for ramen and noodles
Japanese-style hand-painted animal pattern ceramic noodle bowls, high-value noodle bowls, both appearance and practicality, giving the table a different scenery. The shape of the bowl is designed as a bowl with open mouth, deep noodle bowl, every bite can be eaten comfortably. The cartoon animal pattern embellishment adds a refreshing element to the original plain and elegant noodle bowl. Making different dishes is an indispensable sense of ritual in life. The sharply layered spiral bowl body has a three-dimensional beauty, which can effectively prevent slippage, and the hand feel will be more delicate. One bowl is multi-purpose. It can be used as a home-made noodle soup bowl, or as a salad or dish.

Japanese ramen bowl soup bowl salad bowl bamboo hat noodle bowl

Ceramic noodle bowl household large Japanese noodle bowl soup bowl noodle bowl salad bowl bamboo hat noodle bowl ,
Using hand-painted underglaze color technology, there is a kind of simple beauty, a variety of designs to choose from.

Pure white big soup bowl with cover soup pot

Pure white big soup bowl with cover creative Bone China high temperature soup pot
Large capacity, lead-free, cadmium free, suitable for microwave wave.

Gold dinnerware sets ceramic small bowl wholesale

A wavy salad bowl, stylish and fun, with a unique shape. The golden stroke is noble and elegant, and the curved bowl is elegant, adding a smart color to the plain tableware and adding a style to life.
The electroplating process is luxurious and elegant, the color is full and does not fall off, and the smooth lines and texture are delicate, giving you a better experience. A variety of exquisite styles and sizes are available to meet your various needs.

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